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Human Resources Solutions

Streamlining Businesses

Where Focus is in Options

In a short time, we have been able to fill some very critical positions of our clients. Besides, we follow the client coverage approach of "we fill all' for some of our valued clients. Our Signature Product !

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Where Words Define the Future

We complement our clients' efforts to initiate robust policies. Some of our thinkings are fresh and uninhibited and are not weighed down by big names of the competition. Hence, our products have that shine and edge!

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Where Possibilities are Endless

New methods, novel tools and a batch of young trainers who swear by talent and pedigree - these are our positives. Probably unmatched even by established players.

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Few discussions gave a good prospective regarding compensation and benefit area. Speakers spoke to the point, which helped to broaden my knowledge.

Abhishek Shende Human Resources, HDFC Bank

The explanation of topic discussed like Compensation, Public & Private sector etc. were most useful to me. Being a Management student I am looking forward to a future in the financial service sector and this seminar cleared all the doubts that I had.

Akanksha Tripathi Student

The perspective given by the speakers is the philosophy under which the public and private sector operates, which decides the compensation packages given to their employees. There should be more representation from other public private sector organizations in such HR interventions.

Biswadeep Mohapatra HR, State Bank of India

Mrs. Bhattacharya's speech was very comprehensive. Prof.Vijayan's views provided a fresh prospective.

Sankara Pillai CEO, QED Research

Speaker Arundhati Bhattacharya gave a wonderful speech about compensation & the difference between public & private sector. It was an overall wonderful event with lots & lots of learning regarding HR, financial services.

Swati Pandey Student

The Seminar was fantastic; we learned so many things over here. The staff is very good and they did a good job.

Sarvesh Bajpai Student

Overall excellent experience.

Nirakar Pradhan Chief Investment Officer, FutureGenerali

The seminar was very well organised with Speakers with the best speaker from the industry . Image Consulting session by Ms. Indrani Rudra Chandra interested me more.

Ashraf Hussain Tilak College

It was a great experience to listen about leadership from the very eminent speakers. Best part of the Seminar was that we got a chance to interact with Speakers in the Question & Answer session.

Pravin Ashok Narvekar S P More

Seminar was very informative and inspirational, I liked the Image Consulting session by Ms. Indrani Rudra Chandra and Prof. Suresh Mony very much.

Prayog Mali AIESEC Navi Mumbai



Corporate, Retail, Treasury, Agri, Rural, Business, Emerging Enterprises, Small Enterprises, Micro-Finance, and many more.. including Support Departments - HR, Audit & Inspection, Finance & Accounts, IT, Facility & Security etc.


Broking, Housing Finance, Investment Banking, Transport Finance, Primary Dealers, Venture Capitals

Financial Services

Lifts, Swimming Pools


Risk Management , Core Banking


Trade Finance, Investment Banking, Personal Finance

Professional & Advisory Services

Resorts, Holiday Destinations


Training & Skill Development (Banking & Non-Banking)

Knowledge Management

Performance Monitoring, Strategy Execution


Diamonds, Gems, Gold Coins

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